Enterprise Technology Architect

The opportunity:

We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about building solutions to meet clients' and partners' business requirements. Our ideal candidate is motivated by a curiosity to understand the client’s IT environment and operations, have a passion for analyzing data and proposing a value-added solution. We are looking for individuals that have demonstrated a proven track record of developing innovative products/solutions that scale rapidly in target markets. We like individuals who get excited about new industry trends, developing new businesses and staying ahead of the competition, enjoy debate and potentially view things differently to others.

You will:

  • Consult and collaborate with Sales team to understand the client requirements and build/propose value-added solutions. Acquire information through data research, assessments and interactions with clients.
  • Orchestrate the solution design and validate bid solutions in response to customer RFP's, RFI's and tenders. Work closely with multiple parties to find the best possible solution and close eventual gaps. Sensitivity to financial dimensions of a proposal is critical.
  • Enable successful completion of the pre-sales bid process through solution design, proof-of-concept to contract signature. 
  • Create an impactful proposal showcasing Aluma’s value within client’s environment.
  • Writing of and due diligence activities involved with technical contract schedules on behalf of partners and/or aluma.
  • Think out of the box to create and propose the most efficient solution design.
  • Take market & partner feedback to define development requirements for innovative development activities.
  • Communicate effectively to internal executives including Product Development and Sales.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Engineering/science bachelor’s degree, preferably computer science, software engineering or similar. 
  • Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent experience preferred.
  • 3+ years’ experience in Information technology consulting or Services. Strong preference for Cloud Infrastructure Development and web application launch process experience.
  • Proven relationship management and influencing skills.
  • Solid presentation skills.
  • Basic financial knowledge.
  • Desirable: Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.


Take great care and pride in finding and selecting the most qualified people available to join our team. We recognize that only the most creative and competent professionals will provide us with the expertise and resources we need to reach our goals.

  • Thrive on innovation
    We recognize the power of innovation in everything we do, which is why we take a holistic approach rooted in research and development, open innovation, entrepreneurship and technical innovation.
  • Provide a great working environment
    We work hard at keeping employees happy and productive. This requires frequent and open communication, regular recognition of achievements, and constructive feedback.
  • Do interesting work
    Meaningful work is something we all want and we all strive for at Aluma. Everyone becomes more productive when work is productive, fun and meaningful.
  • Insist on collaboration
    We insist on collaboration, even at times when it seems it might be quicker and easier to go it alone. Value and success come when the “whole” is a lot bigger than the sum of its parts.
  • Solve real-world problems
    It’s easy to get excited about the possibilities of technology. But at Aluma we’re about more than that, we’re about making a difference, solving problems, and bringing value to everything we do.
  • Are flexible and diverse
    Today’s business world is global and virtual. We offer the flexibility to work from home where possible and believe that the best results come from talented people with wide capabilities and diverse points of view.

Enterprise Technology Architect

Location, New York City

If you are passionate about innovation, love a challenge and aspire to have an impact on the world, then we might be right for you.

About Aluma

Aluma is a world leader in advanced intelligent document processing technology. Our automation tools remove the drudgery of document management, take the robot out of the human, and allow people to focus on more meaningful and valuable work.

Our technology

We pride ourselves in our ability to blend cutting-edge innovations in data capture, machine learning and information management into tools and technologies that improve the performance of any digital solution, system or device.

Our technology is in use across the world in many sectors – from defence to finance to healthcare – together processing hundreds of millions of documents a year.

Company values

At Aluma, we all share four fundamental values.

They form the roots of our company culture:


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People first

Whatever we do is intended to improve people’s lives, whether it’s the products we create or the way we work together and with our partners.


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It is in our nature to innovate, both in driving our field forward and through applying that cutting-edge knowledge where it will have the most real-world impact.


Ethical icon


We strive to be ethical, honest, fair, and transparent in everything we do. We recognize the unique value and creative potential in everyone.


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We aim for balance in all that we do by proactively enabling a better work/life balance and optimizing our products through balancing the latest technology with pragmatic techniques.